Andrew is a political outsider who is running for Congress out of a sense of duty. To save our country and rescue our children, the insanity must stop.

Andrew Gutmann.
Fighting the WOKE.

Andrew Gutmann is a leader in the nationwide movement fighting against the woke takeover of schools. His fight to safeguard parental rights and restore America’s founding principles began with the letter he wrote to the parents of his daughter’s New York City private school, The Brearley School, which quickly went viral. He has become a vocal advocate in this movement, writing about the issue, and speaking widely to parents and parent groups.

Andrew Gutmann
Ready to address our challenges head-on.

Andrew has a degree in economics from the Johns Hopkins University. He began his professional career as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, in Washington D.C., where he helped develop and present economic and financial data and analysis for use in monetary policy decisions.

After earning his MBA from Columbia Business School, Andrew began a career in investment banking, executing Mergers and Acquisitions and restructuring transactions for clients across a variety of sectors. He also developed and taught finance and investment banking classes for a number of institutions, including the Institute for Finance, a firm he founded. For ten years, Andrew served as a career coach at Columbia Business School, advising and mentoring MBA students interested in finance careers. Andrew is also author of the book, How to Be an Investment Banker (John Wiley & Sons). 

Successful Tech Entrepreneur.

After leaving finance, Andrew got involved with a number of entrepreneurial ventures, including several software startups. Andrew is a self-taught software developer, and wrote accounting, CRM and ERP systems from scratch, as well as a local search engine for parents with natural language search capabilities. He has also remained involved in his family’s international chemical distribution business.

Nationally known Anti-Woke Activist.

Andrew hosts the podcast Take Back Our Schools on the Ricochet Audio Network and his writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, the New York Post, The Free Press and his own Substack, Speak Up For Education. Andrew has also appeared on prominent television programs and podcasts, including Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Megyn Kelly Show, an interview with Bari Weiss and Fox & Friends.

Andrew and his wife, Julie, have been married for nearly 20 years, and have a 14 year old daughter.  

Will you stand up for American values?

Will you fight to save our children? Join me and together we can secure a bright future for our families and reclaim our great country.




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I'll fight for our rights and ensure our values are upheld.

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