The Real Dan Franzese

Dan Franzese seems to lie about almost everything on this campaign.
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On Winning (1)
Dan Franzese claims to be the best person to defeat Lois Frankel because he “barely” lost to her last time around.

Truth: This attack is a lie. Dan was a terrible candidate who relentlessly attacked his primary opponent with negative half-truths to barely win the primary and then was slaughtered by Lois Frankel in the general election by over 10 percentage points in a redwave election where Governor DeSantis won Palm Beach County. Dan underperformed DeSantis by nearly 15 points with independents. 

On Trump (2)
Dan Franzese claims to be the most pro-Trump candidate.

Truth: This claim is a lie. Furthermore, Dan is the only candidate that contributed to Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign in 2012 and did NOT contribute to a Trump-affiliated committee until 2023 when Dan was desperately shopping for attention from Trump’s inner circle.

On Endorsements (3)
Dan Franzese claims the endorsement of the Boca Raton Republican Club.

Truth: This claim is a lie. Furthermore, Dan rejected repeated demands to retract the claim.

On China (4)
Dan Franzese attacks Andrew Gutmann for being soft on China.

Truth: This attack is a lie. Furthermore, Dan disclosed that he is very friendly to China as his personal stock holdings include iShares Core MSCI Emerging ETF, which has invested:

· Billions of dollars in more than 800 Chinese companies, including hundreds of state-owned companies authorized by the Chinese Communist government.

· Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Russian companies, including several under sanction.

· Hundreds of millions of dollars in 25 Qatari companies.

On Woke Ideology (5)
Dan Franzese attacks Andrew Gutmann for not being a true conservative and questioning his motives for running.

Truth: This attack is a lie. Andrew Gutmann has been universally recognized as a national leader of the parents’ movement to bring commonsense and patriotism back to school instruction instead of allowing our nation’s children to be exploited by the liberal education establishment and indoctrinated with woke ideology.

Furthermore, Dan Franzese’s stock holdings include major investments in some of the corporate titans engineering the woke cram-down on middle America including: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks.

On Big Banks (6)
Dan Franzese attacks Andrew Gutmann for working for a big investment firm, implying that Gutmann is part of the woke, banking establishment.

Truth: This attack is a lie and may be designed to cover up Franzese’s own work history. Franzese worked for big banks his entire career.

Dan served as Managing Director and Head of Private Placements at the National Bank of Canada from 2012 to 2023. During his tenure, the National Bank of Canada adopted measures to support the radical climate agenda and embraced the woke equity and radical transgenderism agenda.


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